Course Content : Advance Certificate Course in Computer

  • 1st Semester : Computer Fundamental & Operating System
    • Acquire knowledge on Computer Fundamentals
      Describe the history of computer.  
      List different types of computer depending on data processing.
      Classify computer depending on capability, size, speed, etc.
      Difference between Hardware & Software. 

    • Learn Computer System Components
      Learn Storage Devices
      Classification of different type of Storage Devices
      Define Hard Disk Type (PATA, SATA, SSD, etc) 

    • RAM Types and Features
      List the types of Memory
      Identify Primary and secondary Memory
      Distinguish between RAM and ROM
      State Bit, Byte, Kilobyte, Megabyte, Terabyte. 

    • Device Connections and Interfaces
      Hardware Port (Ex: Serial, Parallel, HDMI, USB/PS2, etc.)
      Learn Hardware specification for PC 

    • Learn Operating System Fundamentals
      Personal Computer Operating System
      Define Single user OS, Multiple user OS, multitasking

    • Control Panel Utilities
      Security Settings
      Operating System Tools 

    • Difference between System Software and Application Software.
      Learn Operational Procedures
      Basic Maintenance Tools & Techniques 

    • Describe computer virus and anti-virus, computer security.
      Describe Printer Technologies. 

  • 1st Semester : Application Packages & Office Automation
  • 1st Semester : Programming Language
  • 1st Semester : Data Structure & Algorithm
  • 1st Semester : Creative Graphic Design
  • 2nd Semester : Data Communication & Networking
  • 2nd Semester : Database Management System
  • 2nd Semester : Web & Mobile Application Development
  • 2nd Semester : Internet & Web Technology, Online Outsourcing
  • 2nd Semester : System Analysis & Design
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Batch : A3C-01

Start Date: 30 Jun 2018
Days : Saturday,Monday,Wednesday
Schedule : 5:0:PM To 8:0:PM
Duration : 1 years
Course Fee : 30000 /=
Discount : 4500 /=
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