Course Content : Database Programming

  • Basic Competencies - English
    • Receive and Respond, Participate and Lead to workplace communication
    • Work with others, Team Environment and Lead small Teams
    • Demonstrate work values, Practice career professionalism and Develop & Practice Negotiation skills
    • Practice housekeeping procedures, Occupational health and safety procedure and Solve problems related to work Activities
    • Personal Manner
  • Common & Core Competencies (Computer fundamentals)
    • Fundamentals of Database Management System(DBMS), Relational Database Management System (RDBMS)
    • Normalization, System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and ODBC
    • Fundamental Terms and Components of Database.
    • Fundamental on ERD, Entity, Attribute, Relationship
    • Create Database
    • Data type, Operators, Field Properties
    • Create Table, insert data into the created table, sort, index, update, delete data from table
    • Modify table structure
    • Define Primary & Foreign Key, Independent & Dependent Table
    • Fundamentals of SQL
    • Define Relationship. Mention the types of relations
    • Create relations among database tables in accordance to task assigned
    • Work with Query, Differentiate between a Data Table and Query Returned Table
    • Use Relational operators in query. Create a Cross tab query
    • Define Forms, Create Forms using Wizards/ Manually
    • Run and Modify Form in Design View
    • Add Controls on Forms
    • Define Report, Identify the different sections in a report
    • State the difference between Form and Report
    • Create Reports using Wizards/ Manually in various orientations
    • Display and modify Reports in design view in accordance to task assigned
    • Add Fields, page number, total number of records in the reports
    • Print a report
    • Understand and work with Visual Basic
    • Create Complete Database of Student Information System/Billing System/Inventory System etc. using MS Access/ SQL Server/ Oracle
    • Write hardcopy report on created database, use database, manipulate and maintain database
    • Use Set and Remove Passwords to maintain database security
    • Repair Database Utility in accordance to task assigned
    • Export data to and Import data from other compatible Application Programs as per requirements
    • Database Connectivity with Visual Basic
    • Develop a real life project using MS Access/SQL Server/Oracle and Visual Basic
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Batch : DB-03

Start Date: 1 Jun 2021
Days : Saturday,Monday,Wednesday
Schedule : 3:0:PM To 5:0:PM
Duration : 6 Month
Course Fee : 8000 /=
Discount : 1000 /=
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