Course Content : Computer Office Application

  • Basic Competencies - English
    • Receive and Respond, Participate and Lead to workplace communication
    • Work with others, Team Environment and Lead small Teams
    • Demonstrate work values, Practice career professionalism and Develop & Practice Negotiation skills
    • Practice housekeeping procedures, Occupational health and safety procedure and Solve problems related to work Activities
    • Personal Manner
  • Common Competencies (Computer Fundamental)
    • State Bit, Byte, Kilobyte, Megabyte, Gigabyte, and Terabyte
    • Describe computer virus and anti-virus, computer security.
    • State desktop screen icon, icon-shortcut, file, folder/Directory
    • Describe file management
    • Describe windows explorer
    • Describe windows explorer
    • State Computer Office Application
    • Describe the history of computer.
    • List different types of computer depending on data processing.
    • Classify computer depending on capability, size, speed, etc.
    • Define Hardware.
    • List different units of a Micro Computer.
    • List different parts / devices of a Micro Computer.
    • Define Software
    • Classify Software
    • State Firmware.
    • Describe the importance of system software
    • Describe Operating System(OS)
    • Define single user OS, multiple user OS, multitasking.
    • State application software.
    • List the types of Memory
    • Identify primary and secondary memories
    • Distinguish between RAM and ROM
  • Common Competencies (Micorsoft Word)
    • Describe MS word and its environment
    • Mention the advantage & disadvantage of using word processor
    • State the significance of different type of documents
    • State Menu bar, Tool bar etc
    • Acquire knowledge about MS word and its components
    • State Table, Row, Column, Word Art, Font, Font Color, Font Size.
    • Describe Mail merge and its usage
    • Describe Macro and its advantages
    • State page setup , Printing etc
    • Define “Type Tutor” and the importance of systematic procedure and speed of typing.
    • Define “Type Tutor” and the importance of systematic procedure and speed of typing.
  • Common Competencies (Micorsoft Excel)
    • Define Spread Sheet
    • Mention the application of spreadsheet program.
    • Identify the components of MS Excel
    • Identify Rows, Columns, Cells and range
    • Describe the different Functions of MS Excel.
  • Common Competencies (Micorsoft Power Point)
    • State Slide Presentation
    • Describe components of MS Power point
  • Common Competencies (Internet)
    • Describe about Webpage, Website and Internet.
    • State the components of Internet and their uses.
    • Describe the application of Internet, E-mail message, E-mail account,
    • List the type of web browser (Internet Explorer, Mozila, Firefox) etc.
    • State components of Web Browser
    • State components (sections) of e-mail.
  • Common Competencies (Micorsoft Access)
    • Define Database
    • Mention its application.
    • Define Data, Information, Record, Row, Column, Table, DBMS, RDBMS, Distributed Database Model.
    • List of Popular database software.
    • Define Data types and list the available data types in MS Access
    • Define Fields and Naming convention of fields and mention the Field Properties
    • Define Relation, Identify advantages of creating Relations and Types of Relations.
    • Define Primary & Foreign Key, composite key, candidate key, Independent & Dependent Table.
    • State Database components (Table, form, query, report, macro, module, etc.)
    • Mention the different types of query and its importance.
    • Mention the differences between a data table and query returned table.
    • Mention the importance of Forms
    • Define Report, identify the necessity of Reports and the different sections in a report
    • State the difference between Form and Report.
    • State Macro.
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